Welcome to The Villages

The Village at Blue Mountain Beach is a charming neighborhood located on scenic 30A between Santa Rosa Beach and Grayton Beach. The community has both single family and condominiums homes that are a mix of vacation and primary residences. The community offers wonderful amenities including pool, cabana, fitness center and shuffleboard courts. The nearest beach access at the south end of County Highway 83 is just over a half mile away, and offers parking and restrooms. It is a quick walk or bike ride away!

Blue Mountain Beach Florida is the highest elevation found along Florida’s Gulf Coast,which means it also has the best views. Sand dunes covered in the rare blooms of the Blue Lupine flower (which are blue).

So how did Blue Mountain Beach get its name? Well, legend tells us the first explorers to the area may have mistaken the high sand dunes as mountains after months at sea. While the explorers may have been slightly delirious when they dubbed the area as mountainous, they did at least get the beach part right. Beautifully adorned with blue lupine flowers at the time, long time locals give sight to a time with entire dune landscapes covered in blue. Still, to this day, the blue lupine’s can be seen between homes and in the protected areas of Blue Mountain Beach.

Enjoy our Village and the many fabulous beaches, shops and restaurants.