Month: January 2014

Meeting minutes

Meeting Dates for Associations

The Village currently has three organizations that represent the interests of Village property owners.  Two of the organizations are the North Side Village Cottages and the Village Condominiums that represent these owners.  The third organization,  the Master Association, represent all

Strategic Plan


Lawn Care Liaison Sam Matthews .  If you have questions or concerns, please email Sam at Irrigation System: Blue Mountain Beach has a common irrigation system.  In 2015, , the Board undertook a capital investment to redesign and replace

Architectural review committee

 Architectural Building and Planning Criteria July 2004  (Architectural Building Plan updated 11/25/2013)  ARC – Architectural Review Committee: There is an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for VILLAGE at Blue Mountain Beach (BMB) Subdivision. Please be aware that all construction, exterior improvements/changes



Master Association Accounts Collections Policies

The Village at Blue Mountain Beach is comprised of the Lot owners and condominium owners.   As with any newly formed organization, a few owners have not paid their dues.    There are only a few condominium and lot owners

Condominium Association Budgets

–Each year, the Board approves a budget that serves as the basis for the annual Condominium Association Assessment.  The budget is sent out to all owners for comment prior to being adopted by the Board.  If an owner has any

Master Association Budget

The Master Association Budget provides funds for the maintenance and improvement of the common areas, roads, sidewalks and amenities.  In addition, the Master Association manages the landscaping of the individual properties of the lot owners.   The coordinated landscaping approach