Beach Information


The Village at Blue Mountain Beach has easy access to the public beach at the end of Hwy 83.   At this public beach, there are bathrooms and during the season, lifeguards are present.  This beach access has parking, and additional street parking is available.

In addition to the public access, the Village has a deeded beach access.  This is located next to Blue Lupine Condominiums.  It can be accessed by exiting Village Blvd at Hwy 30a and turning left.   At Red Fish Circle (fourth street on right)  turn right, then turn left at end of Red Fish,  onto Blue Lupine Way following the road around to where it enters Blue Lupine Condominiums.  There is a drop off at the walkway entrance.   Cars may be parked in the gravel lot on the right of Blue Lupine street.

The beaches are for the public enjoyment, and it is hoped that everyone is afforded an opportunity to enjoy all of the beaches along 30a.


The Blue Lupine Condominiums and the Retreat claim restricted access to the beach.   However, in an article in the Defuniak Herald  ( ), there were many questions raised about their claims, and the Walton County Sheriffs Department at this time will not enforce their claim that these are private beaches (see below for additional information).


Any beach area that has been re-nourished with Federal, State, County or other public funds is a public beach and cannot be marked as private.

At this time, The Walton County Sheriffs Department (850-892-8111) and the Code Enforcement of the Tourist Development Council have determined that all beaches are public from the wet sand to 20 feet above that point.  You have the right to use this beach access and area.

If you are approached about this area being a private beach, you can clarify based on the above information.  If the individual who approached you persists they should be encouraged to call the sheriff’s office to respond and settle this issue.  This will usually end the discussion and you can enjoy YOUR public beach.

,  you should obtain their name, and if the person continues to encourage you to leave, ask them to take a picture of them and call the Sheriff’s Office.

For questions about signs and clarification of the above,  you can contact Code Enforcement of the Tourist Development Council.  They have responsibility for ensuring the beach signs are legal and can answer questions about the 20 feet from the wet sand area.  The number is (850) 428-0089.