Village Declarations

Master Association Covenants, Easements and Document

Articles of Incorporation

BMBM Owners Assoc Revised and Restated Covenants 2017

BMBM Owners Assoc Revised and Restated By-laws 2017

Village Policies and Information


This document is the Florida Statue that covers levying a fine by an Association

Fines per Florida Statutes-2011

Below is a link to the plat for the Village.  Note, that some of the information in the plat is no longer representative of the Village due to legal modifications that are not reflected on this document.

bmbm plat maps (4)

Condominium Association Declarations

Owner information document

VP Owner Information June 29 2015

The documents that govern the Village Place Condominiums are the following

VP Articles of Incorporation

By-Laws for Condominiums in Village Place

Declaration of Condominiums in Village Place

First Amendment to Declaraton of Condominiums in VP

Second Amendment to Declaration of Condominiums in VP


Village Cottages Owners Association (Northside)

The North-side Cottages Home Owners Association was formally established in May, 2014.  The Association has a focus on issues the affect the homeowners on the North-side of our Village.  Kyle McQueen is the president of the association.

Information specific to the Northside cottages is in the following information document.

Village Cottages Owner Info June 29 2015

2014 Northside Cottages Letter to Owners

Village Cottages Owners Association (Southside)

The South-side Cottages are not organized and do not participate in the Village management. However, homeowners are subject to the provisions of the Village covenants and policies.