Architectural Guidelines

Architectural Building and Planning Criteria

The Architectural guidelines have been revised and are effective for all construction and renovation projects effective November 4, 2014.    These guidelines were revised with the intention of making them easier to understand.   There were no substantive changes in the building requirements for the Village.   These guidelines are revised from time to time to ensure currency with development goals.

Perspective builders (owners, contractors, perspective buyers) should consult with the ARC PRIOR to submitting plans to Walton County.   A letter from the Blue Mountain Beach Master Association is required for submission of plans to the county.

Owners and builders should be aware that the Village has non-dimensional setbacks.  Before designing a house, the setback requirements for  the lot must be determined.  The county planning office will work with owners to identify the lot setbacks.   The Village Master Plan is  available by clicking on the link

Village at BMB Site Plan

2018-Oct Architectural Building Planning Criteria

Process and Instructions for ARC Submission March 2018

ARC – Architectural Review Committee: There is an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for The Village at Blue Mountain Beach (BMB) Subdivision. Please be aware that all construction, exterior improvements/changes and additional landscaping on your property must be submitted (with the required forms, materials and review fee) to the MANAGEMENT COMPANY for review and approval prior to any work beginning on your property.  

The Architectural Building and Planning Criteria are subject to change by the Board, and changes will apply to all plans that have not received approval from the ARC.  These Criteria are available from Seagrove Management.

 .ARC MembersChair-Debbie Cooner,  Donna Frankland, Barbara Galvin  (Builders and owners must communicate through the Management Company.    Consulting Architect is Jeff Margaretten.

1)      Consultants for the ARC reviewThe ARC has all plans reviewed by an architect for compliance with architectural guidelines. this fee is paid by the Owner.

2)      Contact point for general info and formsSearagrove on the Beach Assoc Management / Nikki  Lawniczak []

Design Philosophy:  The homes in The Village at Blue Mountain Beach will be constructed in the tradition of Florida vernacular architecture.  The chief concern is that the community is basically homogeneous, and the buildings will be non-competitive with its neighbors.  The homes will encourage friendly participation along the street with the use of porches and verandas.  The Village at Blue Mountain Beach is dedicated to creating a neighborhood which enhances the environment with quality design, workmanship and materials.


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